25-1 Warriors vs. 72-10 Bulls

Okay, this is my official first post, so why not start off with a BANG! For all of you “basketball fans” who claim that the defending champion Golden State Warriors could beat the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls, why don’t you calm down, and stand on your head, because there is obviously not enough blood getting to your brain. I will tell why the Bulls would win in a 4 game sweep. And just for your satisfaction, I will do it by trumping each of the arguments put forward by our Warriors fans that seemed to have tripled in the past few months.

  1. Small Ball!!: Well, isn’t this interesting, because everyone is raving like the Warriors are the first team to win a lot using small ball. Trust me, they’re not. The Chicago Bulls had their own small ball lineup that was successful against some of the best teams in NBA history. The Warriors use a small ball lineup of Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Iguodala, and Green. The Bulls could easily match that with Harper, Jordan, Pippen, Kukoc, and Rodman.
  2. Different Eras: Let us put this game in the 1990’s. The game would be far too physical for the Warriors, and the Bulls’ defense would shut down the high-powered offense due to players having more freedom to push and shove while playing defense. Now let’s switch to this era. The Warriors would have an advantage as they have the ability to shoot the lights out and absolutely demoralize opponents. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Players are not allowed to be physical on defense, therefore, you would have an in-prime Michael Jordan playing against a Warriors defense that has been shaky at times. MJ would average 50 easily. Bulls would sweep in the 90’s and win in 5-6 today.
  3. Oh wait, I can’t think of anymore arguments. Oops!

Okay, so I know it sounds like I am hating on the Warriors, but I’m not. They are a fantastic team and are playing unbelievable basketball right now. However, this debate is not going to get anywhere. I promised I would stay unbiased, but anyone who says their argument is unbiased in this debate is quite frankly an idiot. I could go on for hours in this debate but I’ll spare all of you.


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