Why are the 76ers keeping Brett Brown?

In case you missed it, the Philadelphia 76ers are 1-26, which is the worst start in NBA history. Their roster is made up of players that no one else wants and their General Manager has come under a lot of  scrutiny for making moves like trading Michael Carter-Williams and drafting Joel Embiid (Oh, you forgot who he was? That’s okay, everyone else has too). They are one of the most poorly run teams in sports, and yet I think that keeping Brett Brown is a very good move. Brown is renowned for his ability to get players to buy into a system, which is good for a team still trying to establish itself. The hiring of Jerry Colangelo is great and will only make things better for this franchise. For those of you who don’t know, Colangelo was responsible for helping to revive USA Basketball and establishing its current 3-year commitment program that allows teams to mesh.

Brett Brown is not to blame for this team’s terrible start. They’re just a bad team, so I like that they are not automatically blaming the coach. Give this team some time. They can build around Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel down low, Isaiah Canaan has shown signs of being a fill-it-up  shooter, and Robert Covington can make it rain from downtown. I’m not talking next year or even the year after. In about 3-5 years, this will be a playoff team IF they stay the course and build around what they have. Stop changing things and allow players to develop and mature. When that happens, Brett Brown will have the tools necessary to show how good of  a coach he is.

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