Frequent Flyers

Yes, we have frequent flyers in this blog. If you haven’t noticed yet, we use an airplane theme. Our frequent flyers are players who we feel had a very good week and put up some good games in the process. The numbers can vary, usually between two and five players.

Our first frequent flyer is Warriors guard Klay Thompson. I know it’s hard to remember that there is a player other than Stephen Curry on that roster, but Klay had a huge week. He had struggled to start off the season, but has recently come on and has since gone on record calling himself the best shooting guard in the league (I could agree with that, considering he plays defense, *cough cough* James Harden). What got him on this list was a 43 point outburst against the Suns (27 in the 3rd) and then 27 in a revenge win against the Bucks.

Our next frequent flyer this week is Raptors forward Bismack Biyombo. No big scoring numbers, but has cleaned the glass for them the past few games with 13, 18, and 15 rebound games respectively. Biyombo wins this week because it is hard to find consistent rebounders these days. In ann overtime loss to the Hornets, he had 8 points, 18 rebounds, and 7 blocks. Not bad for a guy  who stands at only 6’9.

Only 2 this week? Wow, rest of  you need to step up. Stay tuned this week for our Christmas Day game previews! Stay classy, and thank you for flying with us.

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