No Fly Zone: Jimmy Butler

It’s time for the No Fly Zone! Where you can have your cake and eat it too!

The first winner of this prestigious honor is Bulls forward Jimmy Butler! Here Here! So we all know the Bulls lost to Detroit in an instant classic (147-144 in 4 overtimes). The next night, Chicago traveled to New York and lost to the Knicks. It’s understandable for a team to be flat after playing in four OT’s the night before, but it was Butler’s comments after the game that really got him this praise. He claimed that “We probably have be coached a little harder at times”.

First off, don’t blame the coach for all your problems. Fred Hoiberg is a very good coach, and I understand he is a big change from the extremely intense Tom Thibodeau, but calling him out isn’t going to do you or your team any good. Don’t be mad because you guys actually have an offense now, but forgot how to play defense. In that Detroit game, I have never seen so many breakdowns on the pick & roll. I actually lost count. Like how can you lose a guy as big as Andre Drummond that many times? You Bulls could have won that game in regulation (kudos to the Pistons though).

So congratulations Jimmy, you have won this award and we salute you and your snide comments! Come back and see us soon!

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