Games To See This Week

A large number of NBA games are played every week, but there are always those matchups that really stick out. Here are some of those games being played this week.

Monday, December 21: Indiana Pacers @ San Antonio Spurs

  • A great game to see that’s actually being played in a little over an hour. Two of the better defensive teams in the league, but don’t be surprised if a lot of points are put up in this one. The obvious matchup to watch is Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Very anxious to see how Leonard deals with the resurgent PG13 who has been on a tear of late.

Monday, December 21: Oklahoma City Thunder @ Los Angeles Clippers

  • This will be a high-scoring affair with plenty off dunks and highlight reel plays. Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin and Serge Ibaka, the matchups will be very fun to watch. I expect Deandre Jordan to be the X-factor, as he has a big advantage in athleticism over Steven Adams and Enes Kanter.

Wednesday, December 23: Denver Nuggets @ Phoenix Suns

  • Another probable high-scoring affair in the making. The bigs are most likely not going to be a huge factor, as both teams like to get out and run. It’s not one of the marquee games this week, but should be a fun one to watch. Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight against Emmanuel Mudiay and Will Barton is a compelling back-court battle.

Friday, December 25: Cleveland Cavaliers @ Golden State Warriors

  • The game everyone has been waiting for. With the return of Kyrie Irving and the presence of Kevin Love that was missed during the finals, it will be interesting to see how this game turns out now that Cleveland is fully healthy. The Cavs will also be able to match the small ball of the Warriors by possible having Love at the 4 and Tristan Thompson at the 5. Watch this one of you have the chance.

Saturday, December 26: Miami Heat @ Orlando Magic

  • This interstate rivalry looks to have regained its former juice from the days Dwight Howard was with the Magic. Orlando has dramatically improved season as have the Heat. The center matchup between Nikola Vucevic and Hassan Whiteside will be AWESOME. Two old-school style centers going at it in the low post. Again, not a marquee game, but we don’t suck up to the big teams and mainstream media here.


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