Top 5 Shooting Guards Today

Numerous legends have played this position, but I won’t go into a long monologue about that. I am here to give you my top 5 shooting guards in the game today.

  1. Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors): This guy is a baller hands down. He is not just a long-distance shooter. He will gladly sit out there and kill you all day, but he will also drive and score or pass to one of his teammates with the best of them. What really impresses me about Klay is his ability to bring the same offensive intensity to the defensive end of the floor. He is sometimes overshadowed by Steph, but looks at his 27-point quarter and then he won’t be anymore.
  2.  James Harden (Houston Rockets): He is a Flat. Out. Scorer. You pick your poison with him. You can play up on him and he will blow by you, or you can lay off and he will drill 3’s on you all game. His ability to heat up is unbelievable and getting to the foul line is one of his best traits. I knew when he left OKC to go to Houston that he would turn into a big-time player.
  3.  Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat): At nearly 34, he is still on this list and why not? He is playing some of the best basketball of career. He is the smartest player on this list and may be one of the better closers as well. Wade is no longer the high-flying slasher he once was. Now he is the savvy veteran who operates mostly in the pick and roll or the guard post up, which is where he is most dangerous. He is especially adept at using fakes to get defenders up in the air and then getting to the foul line.
  4. Demar DeRozan (Toronto Raptors): He is the most athletic player on this list and probably the one flying under the radar the most. He has quickly become the guy for a Toronto team that I absolutely love watching (I highly encourage tuning into their games). He has expanded his range, which naturally allows him to drive more and finish over defenders. I especially his implementation of the fadeaway in his post game.
  5. Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards): Along with Klay, he is the best shooter on the list. Beal reminds me a lot of D-Wade in terms of how he moves without the ball and makes great cuts to the basket. His shot looks a little like Ray Allen’s, which is not a bad model. Like Wall, I like his patience in the game and his ability to pick his spots on the floor.

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