New Year’s Check In

As we approach the end of 2015, let’s see where we are shall we? Being roughly games into the season, things are starting to take shape. Now I could be completely wrong and things could change even more, but that’s why I write this stuff. So I’ll tell you who my award winners are at this point in the season. I’ll check back in at the All-Star break, where I am sure things will change.

Most Valuable Player: Stephen Curry

  • Well duh. He has gotten even better, which is already hard to believe. At this point, he is my MVP because he is on pace to break his own record for 3’s in a season and the Warriors could possibly win 70 games this year. But we will see.

Coach of the Year: Steve Clifford (Charlotte), Scott Skiles (Orlando), Erik Spoelstra (Miami), Brad Stevens (Boston).

  • I hate that this award goes to the coach with the best team. I think it should be for a coach that has made the biggest improvement from last season despite numerous setbacks or personnel changes. These coaches that I have listed above have done just that. Why are they all from the East? Because the East has been way better than the West so far this season and these coaches are having their teams playing very well right now.

Sixth Man  and Most Improved Player: N/A

  • Hard to tell at this point since there has been injuries for most of the teams in the league. I will pick players for these award at the All-Star break.

Defensive Player of the Year: Hassan Whiteside

  • He has changed the Heat’s culture back to the blue collar, defensive mentality aimed at shutting down the paint. Not only is he leading the lead in blocks, but he also probably leads in shots altered by his presence.

Comeback Player of the Year: My own award. So far the names I like are Paul George, Chris Bosh, and Kobe Bryant.

Rookie of the Year: Karl Anthony-Towns

  • He is playing like he’s been around for awhile so far. A back-to-the-basket center, which is rare nowadays, Antony-Towns has shown that the big man is not truly dead yet and is a legitimate cornerstone for the T’Wolves. You guys will be in the playoffs again very soon!

If you want to throw your picks into the discussion, please comment! I love hearing other opinions. I’m not going to try and destroy you for doing so.

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