The Warriors Have Weaknesses

The defending champion Golden State Warriors have showed in recent games a weakness that is now just being blown open by opponents. Now don’t get me wrong, I think the Warriors are one of the best teams I have seen in recent years and it is no fluke that they won it all last year. With that said, there are ways to beat this team, and if they don’t fix these problems, they will run into some in the coming months and playoffs.

First off, they rely way too much on the 3-point shot. Yes, they make a high percentage of them and have some of the best shooter around, but when you live by the three, you die by the three. The games where they go cold, their offense will struggle. They rely on making the three so that driving lanes open up, therefore creating opportunities for highlight dunks or, can you believe it, more 3’s. When they are not making those shots, they will have to rely on their defense to get them out.

Secondly, their defense can be shaky at times, and Draymond Green has gone on record saying that they need to improve that aspect. They have the ability to be a great defensive team and have showed it in the past. They do, however, take a lot of games off on that end of the floor. NOT a good habit to have. I think that will be the Achilles heel for them later in the season. They need to start forming good defensive habits right now.

Lastly, they are putting too much of a load on Stephen Curry. The first game he misses, they get run off the floor in Dallas. It is only one game, but not a good sign. Basketball is a team game; you cannot win playing “hero ball”. It is working right now, but when going up against a great team, they’ll go after Curry and make someone else beat them. They have the players to do just that. Like all of the things I have said above, these are easily fixable, but should be improved upon right now.


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