Top 5 Small Forwards Today

The small forward is a very important position on the floor and demands a lot from those who play it. A good small forwards needs to be able handle the ball, run the floor as a wing, rebound consistently, play defense, and distribute the ball. Pretty much, they need to do a little bit of everything. Here are the five guys who I think play this position better than anyone else in the league.

  1. Lebron James (Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • Even in this, his 13th NBA season, King James is still in the top 3 basketball players in the world if not the best. A 4x MVP and 11x (soon to be 12) All-star, Lebron can dominate a game like few have before him. He can pass, drive, defend, rebound, block shots, and has even added the outside jumper to his game in the past few seasons. What I really admire about James is his post-game. Adding that dimension has made him all the more dangerous and should prolong his career.


  1. Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder)
  • The Durantula! A 7-footer who can ball like he does. UNBELIEVABLE. The 4-time scoring champ, who will probably win a few more before he’s done, is arguably the best shooter of this bunch (Might be a tie with PG).  If you watch him play, he looks almost like he is gliding on the court. It sounds weird, but it is so true and you know it. Don’t be mad because you didn’t say it first. BOOM. His greatest attribute is the ability to heat up literally anytime he wants. Great for OKC, but absolutely devastating and demoralizing for other teams. I would try to make a comparison to one of the greats, but I can’t think of anyone before him that plays like him with that frame :0.


  1. Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs)
  •  In my eyes, he is the best defender in the league. Nicknamed “The Claw” for his very large hands and ability to get his hands in the passing lanes seemingly at will, Kawhi is quickly becoming the next great superstar in the NBA. The Spurs have a gem in the San Diego State product and he should without a doubt continue the franchise’s great tradition of winning basketball. He is the closest thing in terms of talent and ability to the great Scottie Pippen. I mean, he is the first non-big man to win the Defensive Player of the Year Award since 1996 (Gary Payton).


  1. Paul George (Indiana Pacers)
  • PG-13, I absolutely love that nickname! I didn’t realize how good George was until I watched the 2013 ECF between the Pacers and the Heat. The Heat won in a classic 7-game series, but George showed, on the national stage, that he is for real and will be one of the big names for many years to come. I love PG’s game, especially his ability to play both ends of the floor at a high level. Even after his horrific leg injury that threatened his career, he has come back and looks even better, which I love as a fan, but can understand why other teams are cringing.


  1. Jimmy Butler (Chicago Bulls)
  • Marquette has this ability to turn out NBA players that are tough, nasty, and talented. Jimmy Butler is no different. Early on, he was mostly a defensive specialist, but has improved his offensive game the past two seasons and has now risen to the top tier of small forwards in the NBA. His grit and grind mentality are what impress me along with his sometimes crazy work ethic. But hey, more power to you Jimmy. He is the future of the Bulls and is a very good centerpiece to build around. His progress from expanding his range is opening up the driving lanes, which is scary for opponents and great for Chicago.



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