Lack of offense? Really?

Every time I hear a sports writer, TV analyst, or one of those ESPN anchors that try to be funny but are just corny and annoying say something about an NBA team having a “bad offense”, they really have been caught up in the false belief that offense is all that matters. Let me tell you something, for those of you who say that it “sells tickets”, do what I would do and slap yourself in the face as hard as you can. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, and trust me, I have heard some pretty stupid things.

For example, the Miami Heat draw a lot of criticism for the inability to put points on the board (they rarely go over 100). Why don’t we come back to reality and look at what they can do. This is a team that doesn’t shoot a lot of 3’s unlike every other team in the league and they are primarily a half-court team on offense. They want the game to be low-scoring because their defense is one of the best. Offense may sell tickets, but defense wins you games and takes you into the playoffs.

I’m an old-school guy and I still have the belief that no matter how good and high-octane a team’s offense is, an opponent with a superior defense will be that team 9 out of ten times at least. Defense is something you can control. You can’t control whether the ball goes in the hoop or not, but you can control the difficulties and circumstances of the shooter.

DEFENSE people. Defense.

If you have any further comments, feel free to post them below!

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