No Fly Zone: Ty Lawson

The No Fly Zone, where you hide the tip from your waiter and leave a note saying “Your work isn’t finished yet”.

Okay, who thought that the addition of Ty Lawson to the Rockets would be a huge boost for them? I am guilty of thinking that. I mean, he fits perfectly into their up-tempo style, so why not?!

Unfortunately for Ty, he is having what is probably the worst season of his career. Not only are the Rockets sucking compared to last year’s team, but Lawson is just making things worse with both his on and off-the-court performances. He has just been suspended for his second, yes, his second DUI arrest this season and shows no signs of returning to his star-like form from his days in Denver.

Jeez Ty, first you lose the starting point guard battle to Patrick Beverly (Who I would pick over you because of his effort and hustle), then you go out and do this. What is wrong with you man. You’re a professional athlete, you shouldn’t be drinking during the season! I loved watching you in Denver, but this is just awful. The Rockets should do you and themselves a favor and find a way to move you before the deadline. This is a team struggling to find its identity, and this off the cort drama is just making it worse for them.


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