Why Brooklyn Screwed Up

The Brooklyn Nets recently fired head coach Lionel Hollins after the team started 10-27, which is second-worst in league ahead of only Philadelphia. They also reassigned GM Billy King, which I agree with because some of the moved he made were no in the team’s best interest in terms of sustainable success. In my opinion, I think it was a big mistake to get rid of Lionel Hollins for a number of reasons.

First off, Hollins is a fantastic coach. He turned around the Memphis Grizzlies and even led them to a franchise-record 56 win season in 2012-2013. Teams coached by him, like the Grizzlies, are built on foundations of tough defense, rebounding, and playing a slow pace, which goes against what the rest of the league wants. You won’t see too many highlights from these squads, but they get results and they do it their way. He came up with the system that led Memphis to being called “The Grindhouse”.

Coming to Brooklyn, Hollins was inheriting the leftovers of the team that was put together in order to try and make one championship run while its core was still able to play at a high level. It didn’t work out, and due to the Nets being way over the salary cap, Hollins had to deal with what he had until contracts ran out or deals could be found for those players. Had he been given the chance to try and build a team around Brook Lopez (who is the type of center Hollins likes), we would have seen Brooklyn as a threat in the East within the next few years. However, the lack of patience by the Nets’ front office will not allow that to happen.

When it comes down to it, the Nets are a pretty bad team, but the coach should not have to take the blame for it. He had no hand in the players on the roster and they did not fit his system. I think this decision will come back to haunt the Nets in the future.

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