No Fly Zone: ESPN

The No Fly Zone, where you’re applauded for wearing clothes inside out.

I know, ESPN made a mistake. Shocker there. They really did it this time though. Recently, ESPN released a list of who the top 5 point guards were in NBA history (that means of every point guard to ever play in case you didn’t know). Magic was 1, followed by Robertson and Stockton respectively. That was just fine, because those guys were bosses. Number 4, however, was Stephen Curry…Are you kidding me?! Did the local Dummies R’ Us have a closeout sale that only you guys knew about? Seems like it!

Steph Curry is a great player and scorer and is definitely in the top 20 conversation all-time in those categories. He may make some flashy passes now and then, but in terms of what being a point guard actually entails, he is just average. Here are some guys that came after him and some that were not even on the list: Isaiah Thomas, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Gary Payton, Mark Price, Bob Cousy…I could go on for hours. Stephen Curry shouldn’t even be considered in the top 10 at this point in his career. He may not even crack my top 20 list. But this is ESPN for ya, sucking up to the best players RIGHT NOW and forgetting about all those before them. They probably think Dwight Howard is the best center ever (if they put him anywhere on the list, my head will explode, but I wouldn’t put it past them).

So congratulations ESPN, this probably not the last time you will venture into the No Fly Zone. Perhaps we can find some way to have a seat reserved for you just in case you make another statement like this one. I mean,  it’s just an idea, but here at the High Flyers we like to throw out ideas and see what we like.

If you want to comment with your top 5 point guards ever, please do so in the comments section! Would love to hear who’s on everyone’s list!

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