No Fly Zone: The NBA

The No Fly Zone, where washing your hair is considered trying too hard and is therefore illegal.

All-Star weekend is the big show of the NBA season. All of the best players get together and compete East vs. West to see which conference is superior. The way the all-stars are decided is by the fans. The current format is that the top 5 players with the most votes in each conference will be the starters, while the reserves will be revealed at a later date.

The current lineups are as follows. In the east, we have Kyle Lowry, Dwyane Wade, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, and LeBron James. In the west, it’s Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and Kawhi Leonard. There is no doubt that there is a ton of talent on these two teams. There’s just one slight little problem. NO POWER FORWARDS OR CENTERS. This has to be without a doubt the most disappointing set of starters I have ever seen. It is absolutely ridiculous. The current format is so stupid. The NBA has it so that fans vote for players from the backcourt and frontcourt. For those of you who don’t know, backcourt is the guards, while the frontcourt is the forwards and centers.

Here are some names for you. LaMarcus Aldridge, Andre Drummond, Marc Gasol, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin. All of these guys should have at least been given a chance to start. But no, the league, now completely centered around perimeter-based players wants the game to be faster. Do it the old way, have a ballot for guards, one for forwards, and then one for centers. Give the big guys some love for crying out loud! It is killing the game. The big guys will be extinct soon, and the league is perfectly okay with it!

I have a fever, and the cure is MORE SPOTLIGHT FOR THE BIG GUYS. Stop the crushing on the guards. None of those guys could have played when the big guys were dominating. Enough is enough.

Should the NBA be in the No Fly Zone for this? Comment below with your thoughts!

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