Top 5 Point Guards All Time

So now that I have gone through my top 5 at each position today, I will go into who I think is top 5 all time. These guys here excelled at the point guard spot and are or will be in the Hall of Fame.

  1. John Stockton

– When I think point guard, John Stockton is always the first name that comes to mind. He was the epitome of a ‘team-first’ mentality. He wasn’t super athletic, but he was extremely intelligent and strong as an ox. He did not wow with flashy passes, but he was very accurate and always seemed to know where the open man one, which is why he the NBA’s all-time leader in assists. On the defensive end, he was consistent and knew how to pick his spots and then beat the offensive player there, leading to him also being the all-time leader in steals.

  1. Magic Johnson

– Mr. Showtime. Nicknamed “Magic” for his unbelievable passing ability, Magic was the floor general for the Showtime Lakers of the 1980’s and brought home 5 titles in the process. As the all-time leader in triple-doubles, Magic was one of the best ever at getting the rebound, leading the break, and then either scoring the ball or dumping to Byron Scott or James Worthy. Being able to command a team with that many big names takes a lot of intelligence and skill, and Magic had no shortage of that.

  1. Oscar Robertson

– I’ll start with this fun fact: He is the only player to ever average a triple double in a season. He is also the only point guard to ever average over 10 rebounds per game in a season, doing so three times. Before Bird, Magic, and even Jason Kidd were considered the great triple threat players, the “Big O” was doing things that had never before been seen on a basketball court. Michael may have been king of the post fadeaway, but Oscar invented it, as he also invented the head fake, which is the signature move of Dwyane Wade today

4. Jason Kidd

– Here is another triple-double machine that made a Nets team much better than they really were in the early 2000’s, leading them to the 2002 and 2003 NBA Finals. I have always been impressed by Kidd’s ability to command the floor. He just had a presence that commanded respect. He was a scrappy defender, which is why he among the career leaders in steals. On offense, he could do it all. If he wanted to shoot, he could do it anytime, or he could dish it to any one of his teammates no matter where they were on the court.


  1. Steve Nash

– Yes, he is Canadian, so you would think hockey right? Wrong. Steve Nash is right up there with Stockton as the “King of the pick & roll”. No matter who he was playing with, Nash made them better. If you watch the Suns from 2004-2010, you’ll see that he was the motor that made those teams go. He wasn’t the most athletic guy, but his understanding of floor spacing and player tendencies allowed him to see plays develop before they even happened. It was unreal to see this guy in his prime!

Did you not see someone in your top 5? Comment below if you thought someone else should be on the list or if you had them in a different order. Thank you for flying with us today!


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