No Fly Zone: Blake Griffin

The No Fly Zone, where texting and driving is considered being a good driver.

So, you guys know Blake Griffin? That guy who is the face of the Clippers?

Oh, you mean that guy who punched the equipment manager and is ow distracting the entire team. Yeah, that’s the guy. I cannot even begin to tell you how dumb of a move that was. He punched the equipment manager! I mean what is this?! I don’t care what the situation? You’re the star player of a team trying to contend for an NBA championship and you go out and pull something like this. Yeah, it was only the equipment guy, but it doesn’t matter. You’re an injured superstar, so maybe you could focus a little more on getting healthy so you can help your team rather than punching out a team employee. Well guess what Blake, now you’re the subject of trade rumors and you’re team is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. It was irresponsible, stupid, and the last thing the team needs at this point in the season.

Let this be known now. Blake Griffin should be kicked out of LA. Not only has he blown it in the playoffs, but he has also plateaued in his skill development. His jump shot is still inconsistent and he has a one-dimensional post game, only using one move. Sorry Blake, but not even someone at your level can escape the mystical realm known as the No Fly Zone.

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