Frequent Flyers (Jan. 24-Jan. 31)

Last week’s Frequent Flyers did it all. It was a week where we had some superstars who had undergone some criticism for injuries and for age. Others had break out weeks and put up some great numbers.

Our first Frequent Flyer is Thunder forward Kevin Durant. After missing most of last season with a foot injury, Durant came under fire for his lack of production so far this season. Well after last week, I think he put those critics to rest. After averaging 35 points over the course of four games, Durant showed that he is still the player that won the 2014 MVP award.

Our next winner is Heat guard Dwyane Wade. Wade has been under scrutiny for years about his health with people saying he is “overrated” and “washed up”. I don’t think that is the case anymore. Wade has not even turned back the clock, but has instead adapted to his body and is now a mid-range assassin. Leading the Heat to a season-high 4-game win streak, Wade gets the nod this week.

Our last winner for last week is Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari. “Gallo”, as he is sometimes called, is emerging as the go-to guy for a Nuggets team that has too many of the same type of player. Gallo had three straight 20-point games and is showing signs of returning to the potential all-star he was in New York.

Who are your Frequent Flyers? Please post!

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