Top 5 Shooting Guards All-Time

The shooting guard is an interesting position. This player needs to be able to help the point guard with ball-handling duties, shoot, pass, score, and play some sort of defense. A lot is demanded if him, which is why the players on this list are some the greatest players EVER, not just at their positions.

  1. Michael Jordan
  • I mean c’mon, this is a no-brainer. Michael is the best of anyone to ever play, so of course he is on this list at number one. Michael won 6 titles, 5 MVP’s, 1 DPOY, and had some of the greatest performances ever seen. He could do it all from scoring to blocking shots. He is one of only two players to win the MVP and Defensive Player of the Year award in the SAME YEAR, doing so in 1988. What I loved about Mike is that as he got older, he adapted his game to his body, making him the game’s most dangerous player even in his late 30’s.
  1. Kobe Bryant
  • The one player that comes somewhat close to being “Like Mike”, but Kobe is in his own category as well. This guy was flat out scary on the court in his prime. He could score on anybody at any time. He has the second most points in a game all-time with 81 against Toronto in 2006. He has 5 titles, 1 MVP, and has been an all-start every year since 1998. He too changed his game to fit his body later in his career, and it worked wonders for him.
  1. Dwyane Wade
  • Yes ladies and gentlemen, Flash is number 3. People forget just how good he was when he was healthy. He was not a great shooter, but he could get to the basket whenever he wanted to. Like Mike and Kobe, he has changed his game and is now the mid-range dagger dropper of the league. Wade’s most impressive attribute is his shot-blocking ability. At only 6’4, he has blocked almost 800 shots in his career, and a lot of them came against 7-footers! This is the man who will always be Miami’s favorite son and he is very deserving of it.
  1. Clyde Drexler
  • My man Clyde “The Glide”. He was rightfully named because when Clyde was on the fast break, you knew he would take off and just glide right to the basket and slam it down on whoever was in his way. He was a big guard at 6’7, and he used that to his advantage, regularly posting up smaller guards and scoring on them at will. He was overshadowed by Jordan for a time, but that didn’t stop him from leading the Trailblazers to 2 straight NBA Finals and then winning one with Houston in 1995.
  1. Allen Iverson
  • Here’s a scary thought for you. He was barely 6 feet tall, and yet he scored the ball like few have ever seen before. This man was FEARLESS. He would take it into the lane against Shaq, score, and then get up like it was nothing! AI, The Answer, did just that. He answered all of the critics that said he was too small and made them look ridiculous. He popularized the arm sleeve worn by everyone today and is the only player of 6-feet or shorter to win the MVP award, doing so in 2001. Ladies and gentlemen, the great Allen Iverson.

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