The Importance of a Post Presence

The Miami Heat and Houston Rockets played last night in Houston. The Rockets won the game, but that  wasn’t the big story. It was that there was only one true post player on the floor the entire game, which was Amar’e Stoudemire. The Rockets played only wing players, which made me cringe. Now how did they still win? I’ll tell you why, it is a lack of post presence in the league. Here is a situation where 5-10 years ago, coach’s mouths would be watering and the game plan would be simple: POUND THE BALL INSIDE AND DON”T LET UP. Now Miami did not have their center, Hassan Whiteside, due to health, but it is still a testament to the lack of post play in today’s game.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times. If a team has a big man that could dominate down low, that team would win a title. I don’t care if it’s the Warriors, if a team featuring a young Shaq or Hakeem played them, those guys would not be stopped and their team would physically wear down the Dubs while also slowing the pace of the game. I will now describe what this guy has to do, which seems to be like rocket science nowadays.

Bigger is better

  • I’m not saying he needs to look Shaq, but a center or forward with a good solid base and a strong upper body will be able to carve out space in the lane for rebounds and dunks, while also being able to finish through contact. There is a way to be more built while maintaining athleticism.

Be more physical

  • Centers let guards out-muscle them today. IT IS PATHETIC. If you see a little guy in your way, put him on the ground so he won’t do it again! The paint should be your domain! Not just anyone should be able to go in. It’s a war zone in there! Also, if a big guy gets the ball in the lane, don’t do a girly layup. DUNK THE BALL. Try and destroy the rim! Punish the opponent for allowing you to get the damn ball!

Run the floor

  • I will say that centers have gotten better at running the floor, just not the right way. You’re not wings guys, so stop running on the outside of the break. Go to the front of the basket, knock the defender underneath the rim, catch it, and slam it in. Put your arms up, show where you want the ball thrown, and make yourself a big target by establishing a firm and wide base and keeping the defender on your back using your upper arms and your backside.

Get your A** inside

  • Big guys shooting 3’s is absolutely the worst change to the game I have ever seen. Since when did taking a shot 23-feet from the basket become a better choice than one from 2-feet away? Oh, because it’s too physical inside? If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t be in the NBA. Did anyone ever notice that a majority of the career leaders in points were power forwards and centers? Not a coincidence. Kareem scored 38,000 points and never took a three unless it was a full-court heave or last second shot. Why? One, because he was a center, and it was crazy for one to shoot outside the paint back then. Secondly, he shot short-range sky-hooks that went in almost all the time. Not physics here people.


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