Where to in the Desert?

The Phoenix Suns are in the midst of one of the worst seasons in their franchise’s history. Not only have they had bad luck, but they’ve also made some questionable front office moves that have brought up the question? What exactly are they trying to do in Phoenix?

Let’s back up two years. The Suns finished 49-33 and barely missed the playoffs. Goran Dragic was on the All-NBA 3rd team and they looked like they were on their way to the playoffs the next season. All they needed was one or two more pieces to get over that hump. Stay the course right? WRONG. In the middle of the next season, the team trades away Miles Plumlee, who I think was doing a great job as the starting center, and acquires Brandon Knight from Milwaukee. Now you have three point guards in Dragic, Eric Bledsoe, and Brandon Knight. Should be no problem. But wait, next, they trade away Dragic to Miami for no assets and are stuck with two ball-dominant guards. I guess that’s better?

Fast forward to this season. The team signs Tyson Chandler and has promising young guns in Archie Goodwin and T.J. Warren as future stars. BOOM, Bledsoe goes down for the season, which automatically puts their season in jeopardy. I swear, you can’t right this stuff, but now they have just fired head coach Jeff Hornacek. That was a really stupid move. Hornacek was a fantastic coach who let’s be honest never had a consistent roster after his first year. The team is trying to stay out of last place in the West and has unfortunately dug themselves another deep hole it will take a few years to climb out of.

So what do the Suns do?

  • First of all, trade Chandler to a title contender so he can help out a team fighting for a championship.
  • Second, choose between Knight and Bledsoe and then trade the other for an off-guard that can compliment the point or a big guy.
  • Third, keep Warren, Booker, and Goodwin at all cost. Stop trying to do too much
  • Fourth, start looking for a better center than Alex Len. He has been a disappointment thus far.
  • Fifth, repeat the first with P.J. Tucker. He could really help out a powerhouse team and deserves to be in the playoffs.

The Phoenix Suns will always be one of the league’s most prized franchises with a very rich history and some great players having played there. We can only hope that they can get back to that level they were at in the early and mid-2000’s.

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