No Fly Zone: Iman Shumpert

The No Fly Zone, where Shia Lebouf will follow you around all day telling you to Just Do It!

So who watched the Celtics/Cavaliers game last night? Unfortunately I couldn’t, but I didn’t need to because I found a great nominee for this week’s No Fly Zone. Rarely do I go after something a player does in a game, but I couldn’t resist. Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert had to do one thing. One of the most fundamental things EVER taught to young ballers: When a shooter puts up a shot, get your hand in his face! Here’s the scenario: Roughly 5 seconds left in the game, Celtics are down 103-101 with the ball out on the side on their half of the court. Play is run and it ends up with Avery Bradley getting the ball in the corner. Shumpert does a good job to get into closeout position, BUT instead of putting a hand up, he tries to swipe the ball and misses completely, therefore giving Bradley a clear sight of the hoop. The ball went in and Boston left Cleveland with a 104-103 victory.

Like seriously? You’re a pro basketball player playing for a contending team. All you had to do was put your hand in his face! But no, ya had to try and strip the ball like all the other kids are doing. Now the shot may have still gone in, but a hand in the face would have at least made it a little more difficult on Bradley.

I will give credit to Bradley though. He is playing unbelievably right now and is becoming a fantastic player in the league. Also, Shumpert can’t receive all the blame, since the Cavs had so many chances to close out the game, but made some boneheaded mistakes instead.

But thank you Iman, we hope you try to leave this zone soon.

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