Frequent Flyers (Feb. 1 – Feb. 7)

This week had some big performances in the NBA. We had quite a few triple-doubles as well, so it was a pretty good week!

Our first Frequent Flyer is Wizards guard John Wall. Wall had a great week for a struggling Washington team, including a 41-point performance against Golden State and a triple double against Philadelphia. He played fast and in the open court, which is where he is one of the most dangerous players.

Our second Frequent Flyer is Hornets forward Marvin Williams. Williams showed signs of the player that was taken second overall in the 2005 NBA Draft. His week consisted of a 27-point performance in a tough loss to Miami, but if he can continue his form, he will be in for more minutes in Charlotte.

Our third Frequent Flyer is OKC guard Russell Westbrook. Russ was a monster this week. He had two straight triple-doubles including a 24-point, 19-rebound, and 14- assist game. Video game numbers right there!

If you have anyone who you felt should have been a Frequent Flyer, please comment below!

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