NBA Trade Deadline Recap

Hello all! I hope you guys had a good all-star break! Now it’s back into action, and what better way to start than by going over what happened on trade deadline day. I wasn’t expecting too many major moves mostly because teams are waiting for a huge free agent class and want to keep cap space or they are over the luxury tax and just want to trade for draft picks and dump players. So let’s get started.

To New Orleans: Jarnell Stokes and cash                                                                                                   To Miami: Protected 2nd round pick

  • This was a move made by Pat Riley to not only clear some roster space, but also to get rid of cash so the Heat can avoid paying the luxury tax yet again. 

To Detroit: Donatas Montiejunas and Marcus Thornton                                                                     To Houston: Joel Anthony and 2016 first round pick (top 8 protected)

  • Interesting move by Houston. They lose Thornton, but do gain Anthony, who has been to the finals and could be a good backup to Dwight Howard, although those thoughts did not last long. Detroit gains another stretch four to put around Drummond and a good bench scorer in Thornton.

To Cleveland: Channing Frye                                                                             To Portland: Andersen Varajeo, 2018 Cavs 1st-round pick (top 10 protected                                                                                                              To Orlando: Jared Cunningham, Cavs future 2nd-round pick

  • This move mostly benefited Cleveland, as they got a player in Frye who can stretch the floor with his range and allow more spacing for Lebron and Kyrie.

To Utah: Shelvin Mack                                                                                     To Chicago: Justin Holiday and a 2nd round pick from Atlanta          To Atlanta: Kirk Hinrich

  • This move puzzled me a little bit. Hinirch is older, but will help provide a veteran presence for the young Hawks guards. I mostly think it was a move to clear cap space. The Jazz get a good guard in Mack who can help out in their rotation.

To Thunder: Randy Foye                                                                                  To Nuggets: DJ Augustin, Steve Novak, 2 second-round picks

  • Good move by OKC. Denver clears cap space and OKC gets a good veteran shooter in Foye, who should help out their bench right away.

To Blazers: Brian Roberts, future 2nd-round pick                                  To Miami: Ability to go below luxury tax

  • Another move by Riley to get the Heat’s financials in place.

To Wizards: Markieff Morris                                                                          To Suns: Kris Humphries, DeJuan Blair, 2016 1st-round pick (1-9)

  • Awesome move by Washington. They give up Humphries and get a solid scorer and shooter in Morris. He can provide firepower off the bench and be insurance in case the Wiz decide to move on from Nene.

To Philadelphia: Joel Anthony                                                                       To Houston: N/A

  • Houston creates cap space and Philadelphia gets a veteran big man who may be able to provide some guidance for the young Sixers.

To Memphis: Lance Stephenson, future 1st-round pick                       To Los Angeles Clippers: Jeff Green

  • This put the Clippers into major contention. This may be the piece they need. Now they have a small forward who can tangle with Kawhi Leonard and Harrison Barnes. Watch out for the Clips!

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