Top 5 Power Forwards All-Time

My apologies to all you Flyers out there. I have been very sick these past few days, but I am back and ready for action now! Let’s meet our top five power forwards to ever play in the NBA!

  1. Tim Duncan

– Mr. Fundamental himself! You can also call him Mr. Consistency, because even now nearing the age of 40, he can still get it done! Duncan has won 5 titles, 2 MVP’s, and is a 15-time All-star. Is not the most athletic player out there, but his combination of intelligence and skill is unmatched by anyone to play in the post. He seems to know when and not to do certain things. My favorite thing about Duncan is his ability to use the glass. It’s there for a reason people! He does it better than anyone.

  1. Karl Malone

– There is a reason why they called him The Mailman. Because he always delivers! Malone is one of my all-time favorites because he was just so good in the post! He is right there with Michael and Kareem with having a move in the post that was virtually undeniable. He could run the floor better than anyone and is in my opinion the best pick and roll player in the history of basketball. His combination of athleticism and strength allowed him to score in a variety of ways. He physically looked more like a heavyweight boxer than a basketball player, but it did not slow him down one bit.

  1.     Kevin Garnett

– He was drafted in 1995 and is STILL PLAYING. In his prime, this guy was one of the most fun players to watch. He was one of the first big man that could really step out and play on the perimeter. KG wasn’t extremely muscular, but he was as strong as an ox and lightning fast, which allowed him to run the floor with relative ease. What really impresses me about Garnett is his evolution into perhaps the best defensive big man in history. I’m not talking about blocking shots, but his ability to communicate with teammates and play ferocious on-ball defense is unbelievable! That is the reason he won Defensive Player of the Year in 2008.

  1. Charles Barkley

– Sir Charles! You may know him as being the entertainment on TNT’s Inside the NBA, but we know him as one of the best all-around forwards in NBA history. Standing at only 6’6, Barkley used his triple threat combo of skill, size, and athleticism to overpower and outwork taller players. He could beat you in so many ways, but his greatest attribute in my eyes was is rebounding ability. I’ll go more into it when we talk rebounding, but he was the master of getting rebounds in traffic because he jumped laterally rather than just up and down. This allowed him to use his size to clear out other players. Much respect Chuck!

  1. Kevin McHale

– No one may believe this, but he has the best back-to-the-basket game I have ever seen. Why? Because he made up for his lack of speed and quickness by developing a post-game that revolved around a wide variety of ball, head, and shoulder fakes. If done right, then no one will be able to guard you down there. McHale knew that and used it to his advantage. Not only was he very skilled, but die to playing with the great Larry Bird, he developed a great intelligence for game. That intelligence helped him even more. He has now recently been a successful head coach and given some of the great post-game wisdom to his big men.

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