Pacers vs. Heat Do It Again!

I don’t care about who plays out West, but the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, in my opinion, have the best rivalry in the NBA. A rivalry is really not supposed to be one-sided. Sorry Clips, you’ll get the Warriors eventually (but probably not).

Does anybody else agree that rivalries centered more on defensive teams than high-scoring teams are more fun to watch? It just means that anyone can win these games. In the other type, if one team gets hot, the game is pretty much over. With the Heat and the Pacers, it doesn’t matter if one of them is hot, because the other teams is eventually able to buckle down on defense and grind their way back into the game. It is freakin’ awesome!!! I love it!

Even when they are not the beasts of the East that they were a few years ago, but they still don’t like each other, they still have players from those powerhouse teams of years’ past, and they have the same coaches with very similar styles. Two games have gone to overtime this year and three of  the four contests have been decided by single digits. The one decided by double digits was a one-point game at halftime and a single-digit contest until the final few minutes. These are the types of games that make you sit on the edge of your seat and go nuts when someone actually scores.

The Heat won the most recent matchup in Miami by 8 in overtime, but trailed for most of the game, including an 18-point deficit in the second quarter. Led by Whiteside, Dragic, and Winslow, the Heat were able to overcome 31 points from Paul George and a hot Pacers team early on.

Could we see a Heat/Pacers playoff series? Possibly the 4-5 matchup? I would love that! Doesn’t matter who wins, but you will see some great basketball! I encourage everyone to watch that series if it happens!

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