Games To Watch

So here we are winding down the season, but we still have games to play. So here are a few to watch this week.

Wednesday, March 2: Oklahoma City Thunder @ LA Clippers

  • Possible playoff matchup? High-scoring game? Great point guard battle? Too many questions? All of those questions can be answered with a resounding YES. I like these two teams playing each other because the games are always up in the air, but I’ll take OKC in this one as they prepare for the next game on the list.

Thursday, March 3: Oklahoma City Thunder @ Golden State Warriors

  • We’ve had two classics so far, so why not expect another one?! Hopefully Curry will be all healed up from his ankle injury so he can be 100%. Obviously, these two teams match up really well, so why not expect another thriller? I feel like OKC is due to beat these guys, so I will take them to pull off the big upset.

Friday, March 4: Washington Wizards @ Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Right here you have two teams that are trying to get on track, so expect both to come out determined to win his game. The Wizards have improved with the addition of Markieff Morris, and it has definitely shown so far. The Cavs are having chemistry problems AGAIN, so you could say they’re in a bit of a slump. I will take the Wizards to win this in Cleveland.

Saturday, March 5: Boston Celtics @ Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Remember what happened last time they met? Yeah, expect that kind of drama to happen again. I am excited to see this one! I am just so impressed by how good Boston has played despite their lack of star power. I’m calling another win the LAND for BEANTOWN!!

Saturday, March 5: Houston Rockets @ Chicago Bulls

  • I can’t believe it, but the Bulls actually score a lot now. The only problem is they get scored on a lot more. So expect the Rockets to do just that and make this game a “whoever has the ball last wins” type of battle. I expect no defense to be played at all. Or they could magically both have great days defensively, which would be pretty shocking. Bulls win.

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