Top 5 Centers all-time

  1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • You may remember him for his patented “Skyhook”, which is the most famous shot in NBA history. You may also know him for his 38,000 career points, which ranks first all-time. Those who are big basketball fans will remember how dominant he was and just how special of a player he was. He changed his game too. He went from a strong and quick strike center to a bruising and powerful scoring center later in his career. A player that changes his game like that and still dominates is indeed something special.
  1. Bill Russell
  • You don’t see people averaging 20 rebounds a game anymore. Not since Russell and Wilt were around at least. Bill Russell is one of the greatest champions in ANY sport. He even won two titles as a player-coach! Let’s also be honest, had they kept track of blocks during his time, he would probably be number one or two. He was a good scorer, yes, but his presence alone could change the game in an instant. There will never be another Bill Russell.
  1. Wilt Chamberlain
  • They used to call him “The Stilts” because of his freakishly long legs. But Wilt did a lot more than that. This man holds the record for most points (100) and rebounds (55) in a single game. Two records that will probably never be broken. I say this because no one, except for Shaq, has been as physically dominant as Wilt was during his time. This man could single-handedly beat anyone. He averaged 50 and 25 one season….UNBELIEVABLE
  1. Hakeem Olajuwan
  • As a center, I tried to model my game after “The Dream”. Obviously, I was nowhere close to his level. I have never seen a big man who could move like Hakeem. His footwork is the best I have ever seen at any position and his use of ball, head, and shoulder fakes had me jumping out of my seat! They called him The Dream because of his famous dream shake, which involved the use of multiple shoulder fakes to get the defender off balance. But let’s not forget about his defense, as he ranks first all-time in blocked shots.
  1. Shaquille O’Neal
  • The Big Diesel! I’m sorry Wilt, but Shaq is just ahead of you as being the most physically dominant player in NBA history. His strength and power allowed him to just bulldoze through opponents and then his surprising athleticism and jumping ability allowed him to dunk the ball whenever he wanted. Players had nightmares about guarding him because he was so powerful. He was able to get such deep position that it was almost impossible to guard him at times. What impressed me most about Shaq was his passing ability. I have never seen a player that required a double team almost every time he got the ball, but Shaq was such a good passer that he could easily kill an opponent for doubling.

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