No Fly Zone: NBA Writers

The No Fly Zone, where dogs sleep in beds and humans sleep on the floor.

Sports writers themselves already try too hard to make stories out of nothing, but they really hit the nail on the head this week. Before I point out their stupidity, however, I owe you flyers a backstory.

LeBron James, you may have heard of him, had some time off between games, so he went down to Miami with his family to get away and relax. While there, he met with his trainer and worked out, because that’s what athletes do right? So we have a big name superstar going to a popular vacation spot in Miami, and he is working out to stay in shape since it is still basketball season. The only factor is that his best friend, Dwyane Wade, worked out with him. Wade has the same trainer, so why not work out and catch up with your bro?

BAM. Right away, writers started speculation saying that LeBron was no longer happy in Cleveland and that he is going back to Miami. This story is dominating the NBA right now. Of course Brian Windhorst was all over this story, but don’t even get me started on that guy. Every TV show was talking about and trying to guess what this trip meant.

Absolutely positively idiotic! Seriously, are you guys that bored? There are so many other things to write about, but no, you have to go  and talk about something so meaningless! LeBron did live there for a few years, so why not go and rest for  a few days? It means nothing that Wade was there. What? Is Wade supposed to go at a different time? Is LeBron not allowed to work out there? Am I speaking in questions to get my point across?

Congratulations writers, you have further proven my point that anyone could do your jobs better than you.

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