No Fly Zone: DeMarcus Cousins

The No Fly Zone, where people where black sweatshirts in the blazing heat (I mean that girl had to have lost a bet or something because there was no way she was comfortable).

Is he the best center in the league?


Can he do it all on the court?


Is he the hardest player to coach?


DeMarcus Cousins could possibly be the best player in the league  that is not wanted by any other teams. It is getting to the point where he is almost un-coachable. Let’s not forget, the Kings have George Karl as the Head Coach. Karl has dealt with some tough personalities like Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Carmelo Anthony, and now Rajon Rondo, with whom he has done a pretty good job. For some reason, Cousins does not want to play for him. That blows my mind because Karl is one of the greatest all time with player development. It is not a coaching problem in Sacramento. It is a Cousins problem.

This team is a playoff team on paper and has playoff-tested players, but Cousins weighs them down with his garbage attitude. I don’t care if it hurts the team skill-wise, but they need to cut him loose if he is not willing to shape up. They don’t need a parasitic player like that on their team.

I’m sorry DeMarcus, but you are really wasting your talent. I have seen how good you can be, but your attitude is way too inconsistent. I hope things can change and you can bring the Kings to the playoffs, but get your head back on right first. The way you act on the court is absolutely pathetic.

Enjoy your flight in the No Fly Zone.

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