No Fly Zone: Matt Barnes

The No Fly Zone, where you the bell does, in fact, not dismiss you.

Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner for moron of the year and quite possibly the decade with Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes! Let’s hear it for him!

In a recent game between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Griz, the Bucks were up 11 and there were 10 seconds left in the game. Barnes drive to take a layup and Bucks big man, John Henson, came and absolutely blocked the crap out of it and sent the ball into the stands. Henson did his little intimidation face (which was pretty bad) and Barnes didn’t like it. Both were ejected due to the fantastic NBA rules nowadays. Henson went back to his locker room, but Barnes did not go back to his. Instead, Barnes attempted to enter the Bucks locker room to confront Henson.

Matt Barnes has a career-long history of getting into it with others so no big deal right? WRONG. Dude, you’re 36 years old, act like it. You act like a little girl with this whole macho act you put up. It is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Like seriously, you have a problem and unfortunately it’s going to take someone beating the crap out of one of these days for you to finally get the picture. You’re a disgrace to the sport and give NBA players a bad name.

Okay, so I am now done with picking on Mr. Barnes (because frankly the rest of the stuff I have to say is not for the internet). So thank you for flying with us today Matt, I’ll send you some brochures for apartments because I have a feeling you’ll be with us in the #NFZ again real soon.


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