Recap: Heat vs. Spurs

Last night was pretty rough for the Miami Heat. They faced a Spurs team that proved why they are favorites to win the championship and why they may be the only team that can beat the Warriors. The Spurs did it the way they have done it for the past two decades, and that is by moving the ball and making everyone a threat. The final score was 112-88, but it was a third quarter outburst by the Spurs that really put the game away as they outscored Miami by sixteen in the period.

Some of the good news to take away was that Josh Richardson continued his solid play and Hassan Whiteside racked up yet another double-double. The Spurs starters did not do too much (except for Leonard), but it was the bench that really hurt Miami. Let’s see how they did with the 3 keys.

  1. Watch for Leonard and Aldridge: Aldridge was not a huge factor, but Leonarrd poured in 32 points to lead the Spurs attack. He was hurting them from everywhere and showed why he is the Spurs’ best player.
  2. Attack the point guards: Dragic only had 4 points and ad 6 turnovers. He did not play well in this game and his inability to really get into the thick of things hurt Miami’s usually high-powered offense.
  3. Play tough defense: The Spurs were hot last night. They shot 52% for the game, which included 57% from downtown. Hard to beat a team when they shoot the ball that well.

In the end, the Spurs were just a better team in this game. Play it again, and I think the Heat play a lot better and have a chance to win. They matchup pretty well with the Spurs, but just had an off night. They next play host to the Orlando Magic in a game they need to win.


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