Happy Birthday Justise Winslow

It may be a day late, but the High Flyers would like to wish Heat rookie, Justise Winslow, a happy 20th birthday!

The 6’7 forward out of Duke has had a pretty stellar rookie season so far. After being drafted 10th overall by Miami, experts said that he may not be able to make an impact due to his lack of range on his shot. However, he quickly showed that he did not need to be an offensive threat to make a name for himself. Over the course of this year, Winslow has carved a niche for himself as a perimeter defender and consistent rebounder for the Heat. His muscular frame allows him to guard bigger players and contend for rebounds, while his athleticism gives him the ability to guard smaller guards. He is currently averaging 6 points this year, but his rebounding numbers (about 5 per game) are better then most guys who play his position. He does not need to be a scorer yet, and besides, he is only 20, so he has plenty of time to  develop his scoring.

Defense is something that s very hard to teach. It is more than just quickness. It is an instinct and intelligence that makes a great defender. Winslow has shown signns of being a great defender, and playing for a team like Miami that is built on defense is a great place to be for him. I like forward to seeing how he develops in the future.


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