No Fly Zone: Sports Writers….Again

The No Fly Zone, where telling someone they look good is an insult.

So here we are again, LeBron James does something and everyone starts eating it up. The Cavs were playing in Miami (a game in which they got destroyed) and James was seen goofing off with his best friend, Dwyane Wade, during halftime. The Cavs were currently down by a big margin, and unfortunately for them, it got bigger.

After the game, there were many reports and articles written berating James for not focusing more an warming up. Coach Tyronn Lue even had some words for his star. Then all of the “LeBron is coming back” stories started swirling around (These are the times that Brian Windhorst usually makes an appearance).

Are you all really that bored? I mean if this is making headlines, then your jobs must really suck. Like do you just sit around and pick your noses while waiting for something this pointless to happen? Give me a break.

For those who said LeBron might return to Miami, get over it because the rest of Miami already has. Those of you who took shots at LeBron’s work ethic, really think about what you’re saying. This man who has 4 MVP’s, 2 titles, and countless All-Star appearances doesn’t work hard? Yeah, okay.



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