Preview: Heat vs. Kings

If I said that the Miami Heat had a golden opportunity to get a win tonight, that would be an understatement. The Heat are in Sacramento tonight to face a Kings team that will be without its best player, DeMarcus Cousins, and a question mark on its best defender, Rudy Gay. Without arguable the league’s best center, Sacramento will definitely be weaker than normal, which means Miami has a clear-cut advantage no only in the paint, but in the overall game as well.

Coming off a bad loss in Los Angeles, where the Heat blew an opportunity for an easy win over the Lakers, Miami will look to get back on track and try to establish a good momentum going into the playoffs. Here are 3 keys to help them do that tonight.

  1. Make Rondo a scorer: If anyone knows Rajon Rondo, it is that he would rather dribble around a get assists than score the ball. The Heat defenders need to stay on their man and not give him a chance to go off for 15+ assists, which he can do with relative ease.
  2. Don’t repeat: The Heat made a big mistake and did not take the Lakers seriously, which hurt them in the end. The Kings may not have Cousins, but the Kings are by far a much better team than the Lakers, so Miami needs to really be focused and come out swinging.
  3. Take advantage of turnovers: The Kings are one of the worst teams when it comes to taking care of  the ball. The Heat need to take advantage of that because they don’t force many of them.

The Heat are favored to win this game, but should treat it like it’s the playoffs. Wade needs to take advantage of his matchups and Whiteside needs to be a man among boys in the paint. He may have some extra motivation too since the Kings are the team that released him before Miami signed him.


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