Top 5 Scorers All-Time

Being a good scorer is not just putting up the points, it is also the way that it is done. The best scorers can hurt defenses in multiple ways because the opponent will be trying to make it as hard for them as possible. The guys on this list excelled at scoring and giving defenders nightmares.

5. Tracy McGrady

  • If it were not for the injuries he sustained in the prime of his career, he may be higher up on the list. Most people don’t remember McGrady, but he was a flat-out stat sheet stuffer in the scoring department. During his healthy years of 2000-2007, he was practically unstoppable when got going. He won the scoring title twice and even scored 62 points in one game. Of his 18,000 career points, he scored roughly 16,000 of them in a nine year period. Had he not had so many injuries, he probably would have had more.


4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  • As the NBA’s all-time scoring leader at over 38,000 career points, Kareem had the hands-down most nightmarish shot to defend in sports history: The Skyhook. Playing 20 seasons, Kareem averaged over twenty points per game in 17 of them! Unbelievable that he dominated for as long as he did. Once he got the ball down low, everyone knew that he was probably going to score. He had the mindset that most scorers need to have, and that is to score on your defender as much as possible. 


3. Allen Iverson

  • Nicknamed “The Answer” for his ability to provide an answer to any sort of defense, Iverson is without a doubt one of the all-time great scorers. Standing at barely 6’0 tall, Iverson was a nightmare to guard because of his crazy quickness and relentless attacking mindset. Whether it was Shaq or David Robinson, Iverson was not afraid of attacking the basket. His amazing scoring ability got him four scoring titles and nearly 25,000 career points in just 14 seasons. The crazy thing is that a majority of those points came in his first ten years.


2. Kobe Bryant

  • The Black Mamba! Without a doubt one of the most dominant players to ever play. Kobe could hurt defenders in so many different ways that sometimes the only way to stop him was to keep the ball away from him. But once he got the rock, all bets were off. He is third on the all-time scoring list with over 32,000 points! He is also a two-time scoring champ, and even averaged over 35 points per game in 2006, which is the higher since 1988. His most memorable scoring output was an 81-point game against the Raptors in January, 2006.


  1. Michael Jordan
  • His Royal Airness! Currently the record-holder for highest career scoring average in NBA history (30.1 ppg), MJ electrified the league with his amazing scoring abilities and intense competitiveness for many years. With over 32,000 points to his name, Jordan sits at number 4 on the all-time list, but he us number one here because had he not retired in 1993 during his prime, he would probably be number one right now. He once averaged 37 points per game in a season and won 10 scoring titles during his career. UNBELIEVABLE. His relentless drive to punish his opponents have made him the scariest player to guard ever in league history.

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