Top 5 Shooters All-Time

A good shooter obviously excels at making threes, but factors I look at are their percentage over their careers, their ability to make timely shots, and how they were played defensively.

  1. Reggie Miller

  • By far faced the toughest defenses of any shooter with the use of hand-checks and borderline tackling by defenders. He ranks second all-time in makes and could put them up in bunches when he was hot. He unorthodox style allowed him to get off shots quickly and he used screens at a very high level. If you need proof, watch the clip of “8 points in 9 seconds”.

2. Ray Allen

  • He probably has the silkiest shot of any player on this list. His release is also the quickest by far. Allen is number one in career made threes and was the last person you wanted to leave open in the corner. His elite athleticism and stamina also allowed him to constantly run around screens to get space for shots. I think we will all remember Game 6 in the 2013 Finals for a long time.

3. Stephen Curry

  • By far the best shooter off the dribble on the list. I usually try not to put current guys on the list because they still have the rest of their careers, but I will definitely make an exception here. He owns most of the records for threes in a season and seems to make them at the right time all the time. His release is different than others as he does so from the forehead, but it does not stop him from drilling three after three.

4. Dirk Nowitzki

  • A big man on the list? Oh yeah. Both inside and out, Dirk has killed defenders his entire career with that un-blockable shot from on top/behind his head. He is 15th in career makes, but his consistency has made him one of the most dangerous shooters ever to play. Go back and watch the 2011 Finals if you don’t believe me.

5. Peja Stojakovic



  • For people who were not fans of basketball back in the day, Peja was THE MAN from beyond the arc. He as one of most interesting shooting forms of any player, but this guys was absolutely unstoppable when he got going. Watch some his highlights against the Lakers in 2002.

Who is in your top 5? Comment with them below!


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