Heat Update

My apologies flyers, but a migraine headache is not something you want to look at a computer screen with, so I did not post a preview for this game yesterday.

Despite what some might say, I did not see a whole lot of good come out of this game. It was one that Miami had a chance to win, but could not keep it together for a long enough stretch. I will give credit where credit is due. Orlando has played much better down the stretch and hopefully they can be more consistent next year and challenge for a playoff spot. The Heat defense was the big factor as they allowed the Magic to shoot over 50%. They also had no answer for Vucevic, who torched them for 29 points.

So what does this loss do for Miami? Well,it puts them a full game behind Boston and Atlanta and in a tie with Charlotte. They own the tie-breaker over the Hornets and Hawks and the Celtics own the tie-breaker over the Heat. The Hawks play the Celtics tonight, so I would say that the Celtics need to win, which would put Atlanta only a half game ahead of the Heat. The Heat would need to have a better record than the Hawks and Hornets by at least one game in the last three and at least two games better than the Celtics. So the Heat essentially need to win out in order to get home court. It might work out well for them because I think the Hawks are a better matchup than Boston, but Charlotte would be the ideal team I would want them to play. I will list out what needs to happen here.

Last three games: Heat (Need to win two out of three at least)

  • vs. Orlando
  • @ Detroit
  • @ Boston

Last three games: Celtics (Need to beat Atlanta)

  • @ Atlanta
  • vs. Charlotte
  • vs. Miami

Last three games: Hornets (Need to lose two out of three)

  • @ Washington
  • @ Boston
  • vs. Orlando

Last three games: Hawks (Need to lose two out of three)

  •  vs. Boston
  • @ Cleveland
  • @ Washington

I told you this would be a wild finish. The games where these teams play each other will essentially be playoff games and the winning team will have momentum as these four teams will meet each other in the playoffs no matter what.

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