Game 2 Preview: Heat vs. Hornets

The Miami Heat played near perfect in game 1 of this series. They dominated inside and kept the Hornets from getting hot from outside. Game 2, however, may be different. Charlotte is a very good  basketball team and they did not play like it at all in game 1, so naturally, Miami took advantage. I highly doubt that there will be a repeat, but that does not mean that Miami still doesn’t have the momentum.

The keys to winning this game are as follows. First off, Charlotte is going to come out and really try to make a statement. Miami will have to weather the storm for the first couple of minutes and also come out with intense focus. This is a situation where getting the ball to Johnson and Wade to slow down the pace will benefit the Heat. Charlotte is going to want to get up and down the floor, but a slower pace might kill that early adrenaline rush.

Secondly, Miami must continue to pound the ball inside. There is no one on the Hornets that consistently stop drives to the rim by Dragic and Wade and then compete for position with Whiteside. The Heat need to win the rebound and paint point battle again.

The last thing they must do is not let up. Spoelstra already know that the team they saw in game 1 will not be the team they see tonight by any means. What that means is that the Heat will have to be ready sustain through the multiple runs the Hornets will stage in an attempt to steal a game in South Beach.


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