No Fly Zone: Stanley Johnson

The No Fly Zone, where the students tell the teacher to be quiet.

The playoffs bring out the best in most players, but apparently, they also bring out the dumbest in players. Pistons rookie Stanley Johnson recently told the media that he was  in the head of a Cavaliers player. That is fine, except that the player to whom he is referring is Lebron James.

On what planet or alternate reality do you think this is actually true? Do you know who Lebron has gone up against before? I’ll give you a hint: they are probably better than you. You’re lucky if Lebron even remembers your name kid. Let’s not forget that this is a 4-time MVP and 2-time champion. So you think that he is going to be flustered in the first round of the playoffs in a series that you will most definitely lose?

Rookies are known to make mistakes, but you kid, you take the cake on this one. You are already down 2-0 and have more than likely woken up a sleeping giant that will look to have a HUGE game in game 3. Better batten down those hatches dude, because I think you did the worst thing anyone can do, and that is make Lebron angry.

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