Heat/Raptors: Game 2 Preview

Hey everyone, I am currently in a public place, so I do not think they would appreciate me yelling into a computer. So I’ll just type out my thoughts.

The Heat and Raptors will resume their playoff series tonight at the Air Canada Center in Toronto for Game 2! After a rough performance from both teams in game 1, Miami was able to pull out the victory 102-96 in overtime. It was a physical games that featured runs from both teams throughout. Let’s start, though, with Toronto.

Their half-court offense was pretty bad in game 1. There was not a lot of player movement and only a few passes were made during offensive possessions. It was difficult to watch sometimes. They were their best, however, in transition and got a lot of easy baskets by moving down the floor quickly and then making a good number of passes for shots. THat was all I was impressed with. Demar DeRozan had an OK game, but missed a lot of shots. Valanciunas played very well, but the big “uh-oh” for the Raptors was Kyle Lowry scoring only 7 points on 3-13 shooting. He HAS to be better for them even to have a chance. If not, then I don’t see them winning more than one game in this series. Coach Casey will have to have him on a short leash and be ready to put Cory Joseph in if Lowry continues to have shooting woes.

For Heat, it was in no way their best performance. They had 20 turnovers and missed some key free throws down the stretch, which allowed Toronto back in the game. Luol Deng and Joe Johnson has decent games, but both can be a lot better. The bright spots for the Heat were: Dragic widely outplaying Lowry, Wade making big plays throughout, and Whiteside grabbing 17 big boards. I did hold my breath when he came down on his knee, but it is only a sprain, so he should be just fine for tonight’s game. I do want to see some more from the Heat bench. Richardson had 11 points, but the Heat need more from the guys who come off the bench. The Heat should also consider slowing down the game to make the Raptors play in the half-court. Miami is by far the better half-court team, so why not take advantage?




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