All-time Teams: Miami Heat

Today begins a series where I will focus on a particular team and name my all-time team for that franchise. I will have a starting 5, a sixth man, a coach, a logo, and also a set of uniforms. I will begin with none other than the Miami Heat.

Starting 5:

PG: Tim Hardaway – The trade made for Hardaway in the winter of 1996 was a move that propelled the Heat from a middle-of-the-pack team to a title contender. He was in the middle of his prime and paired very well with the Heat’s Alonzo Mourning to form one of the more deadly duos in the league.

SG: Dwyane Wade – I mean this is a no-brainer. Without a doubt the best player in franchise history, Wade has been the face of the team since he was drafted in 2003. He has brought all three titles to South Beach and has delivered many magnificent performances.

SF: Eddie Jones – Jones came to Miami in the summer of 2000 and instantly brought his stingy defense and deadeye shooting to a Heat team that was known for both. He helped the Heat go from bottom-feeder in 2003 to title contender in 2005 as the team’s “glue guy”.

PF: Udonis Haslem – Having just set the record for most playoff games by an undrafted player, it is only fitting that UD makes this list. He is also one of Miami’s favorite sons and became that through his workhorse mentality and a toughness that has been matched by very few. He has been a constant presence with the Heat through both ups and downs.

C: Alonzo Mourning – The Heat’s first superstar. Mourning came to the Heat just before the start of the 1995-96 season and he instantly became the Heat’s go-to guy. His intensity and defensive prowess jump-started Miami’s reputation as the tough and physical team that they were in the late 90’s. He retired as the Heat’s all-time leading scorer.

Sixth Man: Glen Rice – Although most of his success came in Charlotte, Rice began his career in Miami and was their best player until he was traded for Alonzo Mourning.

Coach: Pat Riley

Logo: 1989-1999

Uniforms: Current



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